Living in the Center of His Love

“God so loved the world, that He gave [us] His only son.” John 3:16

Most of us have heard this verse before. It is so familiar that many of us can quote it by heart. But do we really understand it? Do we really believe it?

We are in the very center of God’s love. As a result, He did not just give us a tiny token of His love, He gave us the most precious thing that He could possibly give. He gave Himself, wholly and without reservation.

He became a man and lived among us. He experienced our pain and disappointments. He worked until He was tired. He was hungry and sometimes sad. In the end, He gave himself totally for us. He died for us so we could be free, so we would finally understand the full extent of His unconditional love for us.

But many of us still struggle with this. If God loves me, why is my life so hard? Have you ever had a child or friend who would not listen to reason and continued going down a path that you knew would lead to destruction? Maybe they loved someone who was no good. In the end, they were hurt and broken. You knew that this would happen, but they would not listen to you.

Like the child who would not listen, we have all turned our backs on God. We think that we know what is good for us. In the end, we find that we have made choices and traveled down roads that have led only to pain and destruction. We are broken and afraid.

Jesus died in your place, so you would know the full extent of His unchanging love for you. He took your place so that you could be free: Free of all the wounds and pain that are in this world; Free from all the filth and defilement we have accumulated. We didn't deserve it. That is love. He has chosen you and wants to live with you forever. He would rather die than to live without you. That is grace.

If God loves us so much, shouldn’t we trust Him in all things? Open your hearts to Him. Ask Him to come into your life and to lead you. Then continue to listen to Him and trust Him. He is the only one who really cares for your soul. Make up your mind to be loved by Him and to learn to love and fully trust Him in all things.

Make up your mind, to live in the very center of His love. Make up your mind to find the whole universe in Him.

Author: William Bell

Date: March 29, 2020, 1:48 p.m.