Who Are We?

Who Are We?

I know that when I visit a web site, especially a Christian site, I want to know who I’m interacting with. Who is it that is producing the content? What do they believe? It is important to me.

You should know who we are and what we believe.

On the Authors page, we list the people who write the content, including a short statement about them, their name and picture. For most of us, ministry is not our full-time job. We do this because we are full to overflowing with the love and grace of Jesus. Even though some of us have advanced degrees and years of experience, we are not about dogma or just technical analysis of scripture. We will touch on these, but the focus is about grace. It is about a personal relationship of love and trust with the one who made us and saved us. That message never gets old.

What do we Believe? We Believe

  • That we worship and serve a completely and uncompromisingly holy God who can never be pleased by our best human efforts and that in and of ourselves we are worthy only of eternal death.

  • That God created us and knows our total imperfections, yet He loves us for who we are, who He created us to be, and He will never turn us away if we come to him in humility and faith.

  • That Jesus is the tangible expression of God’s nature, in human form. To know Jesus is to know God.

  • That all scripture is inspired by God and is profitable for us, if we heed it and immerse ourselves in it.

  • That God provided a way of escape for us in His Son. Although He is Lord of all, He willingly laid down His precious life for us, as a holy sacrifice, acceptable to God. His death is the evidence of God’s unending and incomprehensible love for us.

  • That Jesus’ work on the cross was a complete work for all eternity and is an ever-flowing fountain of forgiveness and healing to all who receive it by faith, restoring us to right relationship with God forever.

  • Through Jesus alone, by faith alone in His atoning death (and not works or self-effort), we have been made righteous and holy and acceptable to God. He became sin for us and gave us His righteousness: We have the righteousness of Jesus as a free gift, by faith.

  • That as evidence of this completed work, God has poured out His Spirit on all who all who receive Jesus as Lord and Savior.

  • That those who live in Jesus and walk by His Spirit will produce the fruit of the Spirit, and will fulfill the righteous requirments of the law.

  • That each of us (who have received Jesus) have a measure of faith and gifts from the Holy Spirit which the Holy Spirit uses to minister to each other and build one another up, to be the body of Jesus on the earth.

  • That we have been commissioned by Jesus to declare this good news to all the world and believe that He will confirm this word with signs and miracles by the Holy Spirit.

  • That, although we do not see it now, Jesus through His work on the cross has totally defeated all worldly authority and all powers not obedient to God. One day, He will abolish death and fully restore God’s Kingdom on the earth.

  • That the dead in Jesus will be raised to life, and those who belong to Jesus who are alive at that time will be transformed, and we will receive heavenly bodies like the one Jesus now has, and we will live with Him and reign together with Him forever.

  • That the living and dead who have rejected Jesus will also be transformed but will live forever away from the presence of God, “where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”