Lessons I “Learned” in the Wilderness

Walking Through Difficult Times

There are times in our lives in which we find ourselves in a lonely and difficult place. Everywhere you turn there are troubles and darkness. In that place, it seems like you are alone and there is no aid to be found. But it is in these dark and difficult places that we find buried treasures of immeasurable wealth. It is here, we can find life overflowing, if we will only listen to the voice of God.

My wife and children almost died in an automobile accident. It was a very foggy morning and they did not see the stop sign until it was too late. Janet had a list of injuries that filled a page in her hospital chart, including a traumatic brain injury. They removed part of her skull to allow room for her brain to swell without killing her. Part of her brain was injured and bleeding, leaving her fighting for her life. She was in shock/trauma ICU for over 30 days.

My children were also injured and had to live with my parents while Janet was in the hospital. She did not come home for five months. When she did, she could not eat, or sit up. She could not walk or talk. She could not move her left arm or wiggle the fingers on her left hand for another 75 days. It was over 10 months before she could talk a little and two and a half years before she could walk. This was our wilderness.

These are the lessons I learned in that wilderness:

I am not too sure how well we really learned these lessons. God it still working on us. But the ultimate lesson we learned was that God is good and that He is all that we really need. I was driving along one day when a catchy little song came on the radio: “Operator, information, give me Jesus on the line.” You’ve probably heard it. It is a light, happy song. I sang along. When I got to the words “just give me Jesus on the line,” all I heard was “JUST GIVE ME JESUS.” I broke down crying. Through my tears I pleaded “You can have everything else, just give me Jesus.” He is all you need. Seek Him with all your heart and cling to Him with all your strength. Find the whole universe in Him.

Author: William Bell

Date: Sept. 21, 2020, 2:46 a.m.