Living Above the Snake Line

Learning How to Abound

I was told that snakes don’t dwell in the higher altitudes. They need cover in which to hide, food, warmth and air, many of which are lacking above 8,000 feet. For this reason many people describe the higher elevations as “being above the snake line.”

We need to learn to live in the higher spiritual elevations, above the snake line. We need to be so filled with God’s word and enveloped by his Spirit that we “pass through the fire” and are not burned. We will always have trials and difficulties, but we need to live above them, in the rarified air of God’s presence. Paul, with all of his trials and persecutions called them “momentary, light afflictions.” He understood that in eternity these problems, no matter how large they seem to us now, are indeed “momentary and light.

How can we, like Paul, live above the snake line?

  1. SUBMIT TO GOD: Don’t let anything have a higher or more important position in your life. You can recognize your priorities by your actions. If you give all of your time to other things, then God does not have first-place.

  2. PRAY IN THE SPIRIT EVERY DAY: Don’t just pray for things. Spend time being quiet in God’s presence. Open your heart to him. Let him heal you and love you. Let his Spirit wash you and fill you.

  3. START A NEW LIFE-STYLE OF CONTINUOUS PRAISE, WORSHIP AND PRAYER. I like to find a song that is the theme of the day. Many times, I will find it playing in the background of my mind all day. From time to time in your busy day, take a few minutes to focus on a song or scripture. It will lift your spirits and help you keep things in perspective.

  4. DEVELOP A STRONG POSITIVE FAITH CONFESSION. Life is not always easy. Don’t focus on the bad. Focus on God’s promises and his faithfulness. This is not mind over matter. It is a choice. You can either focus on failure and be dragged down, or you can focus on God’s love and keep in the fight. The Bible says “Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross . . .” Heb. 12:1-2a
    • Focus on what God has done in your life or the lives of people you know
    • Focus on what God is doing now
    • Focus on his promises to you

  5. SATURATE YOUR MIND WITH THE WORD OF GOD (especially in your weak areas). God’s word is powerful. Through his word, he made the universe. God’s word brings life. The Bible says that God, through his word, “gives life to the dead and calls into being that which does not exist.” Rom. 4:17

  6. REMAIN IN VITAL FELLOWSHIP WITH GOD’S PEOPLE. Don’t allow hurts and disappointments to separate you from other disciples. Newsflash: You're not perfect either. We all have faults and sometimes we say or do things that hurt or offend others. On the flip side, many times we are too sensitive and too easily offended or hurt. Be quick to repent and to heal any rifts. Find a fellowship of people who are sincerely trying to follow Jesus, and stick with them. We need each other.

  7. FORGIVE ANYONE WHO HAS WOUNDED OR HURT YOU. Don’t hold on to hurts. Keep focused on Jesus. If he has forgiven you, who are you to harbor jealousy, resentment and bitterness. Let it go!

  8. ALWAYS BE TOTALLY HONEST WITH GOD. Don’t cover up what he wants to reveal. Confess and repent immediately. There are times when you may be angry or frustrated with God. Admit it and then repent, Ask for help. Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be delivered.

  9. FIND A PLACE OF MINISTRY. You may never preach a sermon or minister in church, but God has given each of us special gifts. Ask him to give you something for the people that you meet every day. Be sensitive and love people. We always say “Go and Flow.” As you go through your day, look for ways that you can love and bless those around you. You don’t need to be churchy or religious. Just be honest. Look for the treasure that is in them.

As you do these things, you will grow and see the power of God working in your life.

Author: William Bell

Date: May 26, 2020, 2:30 p.m.